Top 4 features of Monteverde

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  1. 06-CabinasCapulin-CloudForrestOne of the legendary and classic bird watching spots where 350+bird species have been identified.
  2. Monteverde region produces some of the best export quality coffee in Costa Rica. And you can enjoy of this coffee in any of the coffee tours that visit small organic farms in the area.
  3. Best view of the Nicoya gulf and with a little bit of luck you will also have a view to the Arenal Volcano from some points.
  4. Best place for zip lining, not only because is the place were zip lining got started as a tour activity but also because there is variety of over 5 different companies to pick with different stiles.

Monteverde, Cloud Forest

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Monteverde, Cloud Forest

Monteverde is multicultural community with a history in Farming, dairy production and conservation. It has been cited as one of the first eco-tourism destinations were a community strives to find a balance between development and Sustainable tourism.

Monteverde houses 2.5% of worldwide biodiversity.

  • 10% of its flora is endemic.
  • Costa Rica represents the 0.03% of the landmass of the planet and has the 5% of the Biodiversity of the world.
  • One of the best examples of sustainable tourism that you can experience.
  • You can step on the Continental Divide, where one foot will be on the Caribbean side and the other on the pacific side (fun to take a picture with a friend, each in one side)

Birds, Wildlife and a Farm

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Birds, Wildlife and a Farm

Why Monteverde?

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Imagen yourself in the mysterious cloud; outstandingly strangler fig wrap you in a sea of green. Add to that over 100 mammals, 400 types of birds, and 2,500 plant species, and you have Monteverde’s lush 25,700-acre reserve. While wandering along one of the hiking trails, you may spot a small hummingbird or a Resplendent.

Dr. Robert O. Lawton, a tropical forest ecologist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville say tropical mountain cloud forests, among the world’s most threatened ecosystems, are likely to be suffering from losses of clouds in other parts of the world as well. Found throughout the tropics, cloud forests are typically rich in biodiversity, with each mountaintop often harboring its own unique suite of species. New York TimeĀ“s Publication